‚ÄčThe Isolde Chocolate Company was started in 2007, ten years after I made Charleston Crunch for the first time. In 1997 I was playing minor league baseball and looking for some additional income to make ends meet. In September of 1997, living in New Jersey, I responded to a classified add in regard to a chocolatier.  I had no experience as a chocolatier, however, I have always enjoyed the culinary arts, and I love being in the kitchen. After responding to the ad I met with the owner John who, as it turns out, went to college with me at Seton Hall University. Instantly we connected and shortly thereafter I was the head chocolatier at J. Emanuel Chocolatier, a small chocolate shop in Chester, New Jersey. I learned an incredible amount at this chocolate shop both in the culinary arts as well as in packaging and marketing fine chocolates.  It is here where I learned the skill of making almond butter crunch which is the focus of the Isolde Chocolate Company. Almond butter crunch is a unique candy produced with simple ingredients cooked at just the right temperature and with the precise time.  Pairing food with a moment or a certain drink can make it memorable, and Charleston Crunch compliments various foods and drinks which makes eating this special crunch an experience!

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